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Frequently Asked Questions about Party in the Paddock

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Party in the Paddock?

Only a few hundred yards from where we originated on the cricket pitch (now the Waitrose site). Entry is through the big gates off Poole Road just up from The Coach & Horses. See the link to where we are on the Contact page. For those of you wanting to use a sat nav or GPS, the postcode is BH21 1QB.

Does a ticket cover everything in Wimborne over the Folk Festival weekend?

No. You would be surprised to hear that the majority of events during the folk festival weekend are organised independantly of each other, so tickets bought from other outlets can not get you into Party In The Paddock. You can buy our Official Tickets online or from Square Records, Wimborne.

Can I leave my under 18 son/daughter and their friends to watch the band in the evening, strictly no drinking?

No. They are welcome at all times but only if accompanied by a 23 year old adult. Please see the bands listings and timings on the website.

Isn't the ground you intend using for the party too wet?

The ground you can see from Poole Road is too wet but we are based in the paddock (hence the name!) slightly further up the drive. This is a lovely area, firm, dry and picturesque. The perfect venue for a pleasant afternoon!

Can I park in the field next to the Party in the paddock site?

No. There is no parking at the Party in the Paddock site but parking is available at Meadows Campsite for £3 per day.

If I buy a ticket does it guarantee entry?

I live locally what has been done to ensure that I am not overly disturbed?

We have been in consultation with East Dorset District Council and Dorset Police. We will have sound checks on our equipment and an extensive group of experienced security people working with us until well after our midnight closing times on the Friday and Saturday. We will also be clearing up the area immediately outside the venue. We sincerely hope that all will go well and that no-one is unduly disturbed but it would be foolish to think that it will be a normal weekend, it is folk festival weekend.

Do I have to get a ticket from Square Records for entry?

No, you can Buy Tickets Online from this website or alternatively you can pay on the gate if you wish but you may have to queue and if you are returning throughout the weekend then it will also be cheaper to buy a ticket beforehand. We would recommend you buying a ticket. Follow the links on the website.

I'm not too keen on folk music?

It is part of the folk festival weekend? Friday and Saturday night is not Folk. The rest is mainly folkrock in its style and is great fun.

2 years ago I remember queuing for the loos?

Last year we had twice as many loos on site, same again this year.

What happens if it rains?

It has rained occasionally in the past, people just squeeze inside the marquees and wait for it to stop! If we let the rain stop us in this country we'd never do anything. The party goes on!

I have young children is it suitable for them?

The afternoons have always been family friendly, a safe secure environment. This year we will have extra children's entertainment from 1pm - 5pm Saturday and Sunday, see the on the website for specific details.

Can I bring my dog along?

No, sorry but no dogs or pets are allowed on site.

Is there food available on site?

Yes there will be a catering facility provided by Sorrels Catering of Wimborne. We have a menu available online on our Food & Drink page. Please note that no food or drink can be brought from external sources onto the paddock site.

What does this event do for the local community?

We work alongside the new committee and we believe we enhance the folk festival weekend. We provide a facility for a large number of people, and specifically we have a product that appeals to the family by day and adults at night. We invest heavily in quality acts and a safe environment for all to enjoy. From the infrastructure to the waste management we use local companies and staffing throughout therefore helping to keep our business truly Dorset and mainly Wimborne based.