Party in the Paddock | Live Music Line-Up

Friday 9 June 2017

We kick off the 2017 Party in the Paddock Festival with Permanent Vacation a local group, they have a well-deserved strong following as they always entertain, they will play all of your favourites and are the perfect band to get this party started.

Then we have the Stereosonics, the country's top Stereophonic tribute band, they have played at major venues all over Europe and they are driving a long way to play for us. You will know song after song, you will have to sing along, and we will all rock! Friday night at Party in the Paddock will impress!

Saturday 10 June 2017

The Jimmy Hillbillies - What a way to start the Saturday, as the name might suggest they don't take too much seriously, but what they are passionate about is music and entertainment, they are so very good at this! A mix of skiffle, folk and cowpunk, great fun and they will get you dancing and smiling right through!

Pronghorn - The name and the sound are legendary. This is the band that really put Wimborne's folk festival on the map as a band / party venue. When all is said and done you cannot beat pure talent, class and tradition, this is what this lot are bringing. Cowpunk at its finest, the coolest way to spend any afternoon!

Ratrace of course! They take their traditional and eagerly anticipated place on our stage and we will all dance until the sun goes down. We know what we are going to get, it makes us smile and we all bounce around, bring it on!

Coldplace, did you see them here last year? They were truly amazing, words do not do justice to their performance! You loved them and they loved us too! Europe's top Coldplay tribute band, they are here on your doorstep, they look and sound more like Coldplay than Coldplay, you have to see this band - again and again!

Sunday 11 June 2017

You might be feeling a little jaded on Sunday following two great days but man up, wise up and get on down to the Paddock. If you follow music in the South West then you know all about The Skimmity Hitchers they bring their own interpretation of skiffle, cowpunk and folkrock to classic music and make you smile and dance. If you don't get your feet moving to 'Viva Lyme Regis!' then rigor mortice may have set in! They are the perfect tonic on Folk Sunday!

Quinn's Quinney are a fresh young local band that everyone who has seen them has gone away talking about and they have a big local following. Their Skiffle and FolkRock approach to songs that you already know is occasionally startling, usually surprising and quietly brilliant, top quality and not to be missed, tune in and chill out!